Alcohol Companion

The alcohol user-manual

“Enjoyable, witty, thorough … eye-opening”

The user-manual for alcohol is essential reading anyone wanting empowering insight into alcohol’s mysteries, problems and solutions.

The rewards include better health, sleep, weight, mood, finances, decisions, memory, thinking, calm and relationships, and freedom from hangovers.

This uniquely enjoyable and thorough exploration of our multi-faceted relationship with alcohol harnesses raw curiosity to open the door to positive change.

Never judgmental, yet never shying away from uncomfortable facts, it makes it essential reading for anyone in search of long-term happiness and wellbeing.

It provides fresh thinking and ideas to empower both professionals and amateurs in the field, with its journey through the latest scientific research and unravelling of everyday paradoxes.

This funny, intriguing and poignant journey allows readers to see the myriad circumstances in which alcohol plays a part in our lives with greater insight and compassion.

The traditional ideas of “alcoholism” and “alcoholic” are explored and unravelled to show no one word can ever wholly capture our place on a complex multi-layered spectrum.

Phil Cain’s lively and varied writing has been featured by the BBC, Economist, Telegraph, FT, Wall Street Journal, Observer and Al Jazeera. ■


  • “The ‘user manual’ for alcohol. I wish I’d have read it sooner! A witty page-turner … I didn’t want to put it down,” 5-star review
  • “Phil Cain’s writing can help to bring the long-awaited change to society’s attitude to alcohol,” psychotherapist, London
  • “A treasure trove of facts, stories, science and philosophical nuggets,” Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, former chair of the Royal Society for Public Health
  • “This book opened my eyes in so many ways … A must-read for anyone wanting to explore their relationship with alcohol,” Alison Canavan, wellness advocate and supermodel
  • “A great read offering lots of new materials and insights,” alcohol and drug programme team leader, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • “Alcohol Companion provides great insight into the impacts of alcohol on both the individual and society,” Stephen Holt Samuels, lead singer, Inspiral Carpets
  • “A much-needed, well-informed contribution to a subject where everyone involved is often very emotionally invested,” Jon Stewart, guitarist from Sleeper and blogger on recovery
  • “a treasure trove of information,blogger/entrepreneur Swen Lorenz
  • “Really inspiring material—way to go—inspirational and appreciated by those like myself, fortunate to have recovery and a second chance at life,” psychology professor, US (email)
  • “Since going alcohol-free nine months ago, I’ve found the more knowledge you can absorb about alcohol and its long-term effects, the more secure you become in your decision to quit. … Well written and researched.” (5-stars)
  • “An incredibly insightful read,” counsellor, London.
  • “It’s excellent… Multi-faceted approaches to alcohol, breezily written yet serious,” author/publisher, Twitter
  • “Enjoyable, witty and thorough.” (5-stars)
  • “It’s a great read, entertaining and eye-opening.” (5-stars)
  • “The charming and effective writing style makes the reading more than interesting … A must read!” (5-stars)
  • Great book, easy to read, full of ‘fun’ facts.” (5-stars)
  • “Phil Cain hits the right tone, not preachy or judgemental but not shying away from or sugar coating the facts either.” (5-stars)
  • “I love Phil Cain’s unique style and way to put things in perspective.” (5-stars)

Alcohol Companion
Format: 5″x 8″, 219 pages, B&W (no illustrations)

Catalogue references:
ISBN-13: 978-1533234230
ISBN-10: 153323423X