Alcohol and the Outbreak

Event 2

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This event was a unique chance to explore how different approaches to alcohol policy play out in reality, in real time.

The WHO recommends we consume little or no alcohol during the covid-19 outbreak to safeguard our immune function, judgement and mental health.

The message is universal, but the response is not. In some places alcohol has been deemed an essential item, while in others its sale is banned.

Ian Hamilton, lecturer and commentator for The Independent, questioned the response in the UK, where alcohol is officially essential.

And contrasting insight came from alcohol expert Professor Charles Parry from South Africa, where alcohol sales were banned.

The event’s spontaneous, inquiring format offered a unique chance to pool the expertise and experience of speakers and attendees.

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Event 1

Edited chatroom discussion and resources from this March 27th event are here.

We discuss how to respond to the radically new conditions coronavirus creates for those working to reduce alcohol harm. With contributions from: psychiatrist and alcohol expert, Peter Rice, Bill Greer, President of SMART Recovery USA; Alison Douglas of Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland; And Andrew Brown of Public Health England. ■

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