Alcohol Companion: some favourable reviews

5-stars: “If you’re a user, you might want to know what you’re dealing with: A wealth of information about alcohol. Well researched, it deals with a very wide spectrum of aspects to do with alcohol and it’s addiction. Until I read the book I didn’t realise how complexly alcohol interferes with our lives. I love Phil Cain’s unique style and way to put things in perspective.” (

5-stars: “Phil Cain hits the right tone, not preachy or judgemental but not shying away from or sugar coating the facts either. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a drink, or knows people that do, which I suspect is just about all of us.”

5-stars: “The book gives a great overview about alcohol …. But it never falls into the trap of trying to convince the reader, just encouraging to think about alcohol consumption and its consequences. The charming and effective writing style makes the reading more than interesting … A must read!” (

5-stars: “Great book, easy to read, full of ‘fun’ facts about alcohol. The author does a great job of presenting a murky side of alcohol without being too negative. I’d recommend this book to any drinker – from the glass of wine here and there person, to the 4 day weekend every weekend party goer. It’s a great read, entertaining and eye-opening!”

4-stars: “The book provides an interesting overview of the whole range on various severenesses of alcohol consumption and how they affect body and mind. It nicely shows how habits differ between countries and regions, and how the culture you grow up in also can influence the way one approaches this topic. While a bit bumpy to read in the beginning, it picks up after the first third, getting quite informative and, at times, even entertaining.”

Note: Feedback is gratefully received as an essential part of sustaining and refining the book, which is in its first edition. ■