Are we missing an emoji?

This would be, arguably, a very good time to ensure we have a way to show compassion at our fingertips, but there is currently no emoji for it.

We have all had a friend text us and say they had some bad news. This is the time to show sympathy and compassion, right?

Far too cheerful

A comforting hug is one way to show it. But, as it is, the only hug on offer in the emoji lexicon is grinning (right).

It does not fit the scenario. Someone in distress is not going to appreciate a hug from someone smiling from ear to ear.

The answer is a new “compassionate hug” emoji, like the mock-up in the main picture (top), combining a hug with a concerned face.

Perhaps it is just me? But, if there is wider demand for this new hieroglyph, it could be proposed to the emoji committee.

This is, arguably, a very good time to ensure an ability to show compassion and sympathy is at our fingetips. ■