[radio] Interviews with children of alcohol dependents (five parts) | BBC Woman’s Hour

Part 1 (@17m10s)Lynne who grew up in Yorkshire with an alcoholic mother who died twelve years ago from complications caused by her drinking.

Part 2 (@18m40s): Hilary’s mother lost herself to alcohol and no one in the family ever talked about it, apart from Uncle David. He intervened and persuaded Hilary’s mum to stop drinking while her daughter was doing her A levels. 

Part 3 (@23m30s): The story of Jackie, known as Jabs, age 22, whose father died two years ago as a direct result of his drinking. 

Part 4 (@start): We hear from listener Camilla who’s supporting her dad with his recovery and from Hilary Henriques, the CEO of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, about helping a parent.

Part 5 (@14m50s): Listeners Karen and Liz discuss the support their friendship has given them with their experience of growing up with an alcoholic parent. ■