Giveaway: What’s in a name?

Alcohol awareness is fast becoming the new normal, embraced by people of all walks of life. But our language is struggling to keep up.

A recent story in the Telegraph, for example, offered a tricky choice between being a part-time non-drinker, “woke abstainer” and “alcobore”.

To crowd-source alternative ideas I am offering free copies of Alcohol Companion, the ideal starting point for the budding alcobore.

Stories can be as serious, funny, personal, technical or broad as you like, but please try to be accessible.

How would you call yourself? Are you a mindful drinker, a soberista, soberisto, alcohol aware, health conscious or something else entirely.

Or does it not matter? And how should we approach this issue of drinking, labels and identity as a whole?

Is being an alcobore socially acceptable? (Asking for a friend.)

More generally, are labels for drinking habits helpful to us, or should our drinking choices be treated as incidental or private?

Please submit as an when using the form below. Your work may be published on and elsewhere, in whole or part.

Some free copies of my book will be sent in thanks and appreciation. ■