[cutting/comment] Daily Mail follows up on Alcohol Companion’s story | Daily Mail

Tough new drink limits you won’t see on the bottle

[This story was first reported by Alcohol Companion*] Many drinks firms are keen to avoid printing the latest government guidance on alcohol units on labels–meaning they could profit as Britons adhere to previous less strict advice.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4961360/Tough-new-drink-limits-won-t-bottle.html

*Note: It is good to see the Daily Mail follow up on the story first revealed by Alcohol Companion almost a fortnight ago. It is a development worthy of wider attention. Just to point out, however. The headline talks about “drink limits”, but they are guidelines. And the unnamed organisation which described the government advice as “dead in the water” was an offshoot of the Campaign for Real Ale, called Drinkers’ Voice. With over 80% of British consumers wanting better health information on the labels of alcoholic drinks, it is hard to see how a small outfit campaigning to remove this information can be described as “consumer groups”. ■