[cutting/comment] Can alcohol fuel creativity? | Pacific Standard

It [Alcohol] can help you avoid one major barrier to creative breakthroughs: getting stuck in a mental rut. …”Small attenuations of cognitive control”—that’s academic speak for getting mildly wasted—”may facilitate certain aspects of creative cognition, while not affecting others,” concludes a research team led by psychologist Mathias Benedek of the University of Graz in Austria.

Source: psmag.com/news/the-old-man-and-the-seagrams

Note: Drinking alcohol is not the only method we can use to help us out of creative ruts. We can generate offbeat ideas sober too. And, as the paper says, “The findings should not be overgeneralized by assuming that creativity is generally supported by alcohol. Beneficial effects are likely restricted to very modest amounts of alcohol, whereas excessive alcohol consumption typically impairs creative productivity. Moreover, positive effects appear limited to specific phases in the creative process that are not fully tractable by goal-directed thought, while other phases such evaluation and implementation of ideas usually suffer from reduced cognitive control.” ■