[cutting] Moderate drinking is good for the heart. Why won’t public health admit it? | Spectator Health

If moderate drinking was a pharmaceutical with the same weight of evidence behind it, doctors would be prescribing it. If it was a fruit, wellness gurus would be getting rich off it. But you will never hear anyone from the ‘public health’ lobby telling teetotallers to start drinking.

Source: health.spectator.co.uk/moderate-drinking-is-good-for-the-heart-why-cant-public-health-admit-it/

Note: Back in the real world, no legitimate doctor would prescribe alcohol for anything and for good reasons. It is, perhaps, no coincidence that the piece omits to mention that drinking more than a pint a day, as many do, is associated with increased heart problems and a host of other health risks. It is, of course, open to question whether we should make preserving our health an overriding concern, but it is surely unreasonable to expect health professionals to argue from any other perspective. We are free to take notice of what they say or not, as we want. For a short summary of the results of the study referred to in the Spectator piece and those left out, please see here. ■