[cutting/comment] Alcohol makes rats more vulnerable to compulsive cocaine use | EurekAlert

Edmund Griffin Jr [of Columbia University Medical Centre] and colleagues evaluated cocaine-seeking behaviours of rats that had been given alcohol for 10 days prior to cocaine administration compared to rats without prior alcohol exposure, as well as rats given alcohol and cocaine concurrently. The rats with longer-term prior alcohol exposure were more persistent in seeking cocaine. For example, those rats pressed a lever to release cocaine an average of 58 times during a period of the experiment when no drugs were released; rats without alcohol exposure pressed the lever 18 times. Conversely, prior cocaine use had no effect on rats’ alcohol preference.

Source: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-11/aaft-amr103017.php

Note: This is interesting study, but alcohol is a disinhibitor, meaning it makes us act more impulsively, so the question would otherwise have been why not in seeking cocaine? ■