[cutting, comment] Commission grants industry additional year to propose alcohol labelling information | Euractiv

Why wait a year to consider binding rules? They are the only way forward if we want all consumers across the EU to be equally informed about what their wine or vodka contains—Monique Goyens, Director General of European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)

Source: www.euractiv.com/section/alcohol/news/commission-grants-industry-additional-year-to-propose-alcohol-labelling-information/

Note: It is curious that drinks which contain one compound, namely alcohol, should be exempt from rules governing every other food and drink. As some campaigners have pointed out there seems to be plenty of space on a bottle for a label without having to resort to an appendix on the world wide interweb (see picture). It is also a little odd that labeling could be delayed by disagreement over quoting values for 100ml. It is more than one might typically drink in one go, but consumers have managed to understand that calorie intake is directly proportional to the quantity they consume with highly-concentrated foodstuffs like sweets, jam or cooking oil. Why not assume they would be able to apply the same logic to spirits? Might it be an artificial internal disagreement concocted to extend otherwise inexplicable inaction? If it is, it is effective. This latest commission report notes the first attempt to address the anomaly was made in 1982. ■