Social media’s serious news problem

Terrorist attacks have been in the news ever since I remember news. If it wasn’t one group, it was another. Someone has bombed three of the cities I have lived in. I have visited a couple of disaster sites. But it was hearing about the Paris attacks on November 13th which delivered the biggest initial impact. It was more like the incongruity of coming upon a man lying on the grass in the sunshine outside my local supermarket and finding he had multiple stab wounds. Continue reading “Social media’s serious news problem”

Help the curious

phil cain (1) I am extending my work to books, allowing me to go deeper into the mysteries, paradoxes and absurdities of complex topics.

The longer format should provide interesting reading for better lives for the mildly to seriously curious. Your support is helpful, so please leave your email (above) and connect through social media (below right). Continue reading “Help the curious”