Alcohol Companion

“Enjoyable, witty, thorough … entertaining, eye-opening.”

We all have a hardwired attraction to alcohol, but none of us has hardwired understanding of its effects.

This book makes gaining this insight into a fascinating and entertaining journey, suited to both individuals and interested professionals.

Phil Cain’s work has been featured by The Economist, Telegraph, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Observer, Al Jazeera, CBS and the BBC. ■

  • “Enjoyable, witty and thorough.” (5-stars)
  • “It’s a great read, entertaining and eye-opening.” (5-stars)
  • “The charming and effective writing style makes the reading more than interesting … A must read!” (5-stars)
  • Great book, easy to read, full of ‘fun’ facts.” (5-stars)
  • “Phil Cain hits the right tone, not preachy or judgemental but not shying away from or sugar coating the facts either.” (5-stars)
  • “I love Phil Cain’s unique style and way to put things in perspective.” (5-stars)


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Format: 5″x 8″, 219 pages, B&W (no illustrations)
Catalogue references:
ISBN-13: 978-1533234230
ISBN-10: 153323423X